Aug 15 – 16, 2024
Africa/Mogadishu timezone

IndabaX Somalia 2024: SomaliNLP - Shaping the Future Together with AI


IndabaX Somalia 2024 is poised to be a landmark event in the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, with this year’s theme, “SomaliNLP: Shaping the Future Together with AI,” spotlighting the transformative impact of natural language processing (NLP) technologies in Somali communities and beyond. This conference aims to bring together researchers, technologists, and enthusiasts from around the globe to explore the potential of AI in enhancing linguistic and cultural inclusivity.

The primary objective of IndabaX Somalia 2024 is to catalyze advancements in Somali NLP applications. The event seeks to:
1. Showcase cutting-edge research and innovations in AI that cater specifically to the Somali language.
2. Provide a platform for networking among local AI professionals.
3. Foster collaborations that bridge the gap between theoretical AI models and practical, impactful solutions.

Key Features

- Expert Panels and Keynotes: Attendees will gain insights from world-leading experts in AI, ML and NLP, discussing everything from algorithmic advancements to ethical AI practices.
- Workshops and Tutorials: Hands-on sessions will equip participants with practical skills and knowledge in AI technologies, emphasizing Somali language processing.
- Research Presentations: A curated selection of research papers will be presented, offering fresh perspectives and groundbreaking findings in the field of NLP.
- Innovation Showcase: A platform for startups and established companies to demonstrate their latest AI-driven solutions and tools that support the Somali language and its dialects.

IndabaX Somalia 2024 aims not only to highlight the importance of linguistic diversity in AI but also to inspire a new generation of technologists and innovators within Somalia and across the African continent. By focusing on Somali NLP, the conference will contribute significantly to the digital empowerment of Somali-speaking communities, ensuring that AI technologies are accessible and beneficial to all.

As AI continues to reshape our world, IndabaX Somalia 2024 stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. By focusing on SomaliNLP, the conference will not only advance the frontiers of technology but also ensure that these advancements are inclusive, impactful, and sustainable. Join us in Mogadishu to be part of this exciting journey towards a future where technology speaks everyone’s language.

  • Munira Omar